My First UFO Sightings ~<>*

"People only see what they are prepared to see."
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Greetings  ~  L O V E and L I G H T  fellow Galactic Humans (you know who you are)

I had to wait till I stopped crying before I messaged Jeff Becker on Facebook, I had to tell somebody that would understand. "They are so beautiful, man! Like a jewel in the sky.

I just started the book Paths to Contact. I got too sleepy to read anymore so I put it down, but before I went to bed I went out back for my usual 'star gazing' routine. At night my eyes always went to the sky but I never saw one before, always wished I would though. Fifty years of looking and tonight was the night. I couldn't stop crying. Getting choked up now writing about it. I didn't want to come back in for fear I'd miss more of their show time, but I had to tell Jeff Becker, the author, on FB. 

The Pleaidians call their ships 'beam ships' and that's exactly what it looked like. It didn't stay in the sky long, maybe three seconds. Too big, too close, and too slow to be a falling star. Like they went just slow enough so I would see them. I felt wonderful and thankful. I felt blessed that they finally let me see them. They are so beautiful man. The light from them is so very different from other 'manufactured lights I've seen. Like seeing a very special jewel glittering in the sky. Jeff told me that since I saw one now that I will see more. He mentioned others that have got emotional. ET's have that way about them.

This sighting 'sealed the envelope' for me, and it also took the plug from the back of my head. It was my epiphany, truly the first day of the rest of my life, and I didn't have to take the blue pill from Morpheus .... or was it the red one? I have fallen down my own rabbit hole. Luckily.

this was Jeff's reply:

Thanks for sharing that experience, JR. Keep looking up, and you will see a whole lot more. As one contact worker from Montreal told me when we met at the Paths to Contact meeting last year, "The ETs really know how to push our emotional buttons." I copied this info from the top post on the CE-5 FB page. I don't know how accurate it is but this might help you find some kindred spirits in your "neck of the woods. "

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~<>* 10/10/2015

 L O V E and L I G H T fellow Galactic Humans (you know who you are) 

I just had the most super wonderful night last night, and I owe it to Dr. Steven Greer​ ....and of course to our 'off world' cousins. 

As you've heard a few weeks ago, after 50yrs of 'sky eyes,' I had my first contact. The next night I had two more, but they, like beam ships, were nothing like the one I was blessed with last night. Though the first one brought tears to my eyes, filled me with a state of joy I never felt before in my life, and as I said, took the plug out from the back of my head, last night's was a 'step' closer. I had to tell myself to start breathing again because this sighting took my breath away. And out from my bedroom window.

An actual visual ship with blinking lights and all. For awhile it looked like an aircraft coming toward me and I was ready to turn away and go to bed, but something told me to continue to watch, so I did.  It kept coming at me and when it got to about the size of my thumb nail at arms length it did what no other aircraft could do, or has done, whenever I had watched them. It stopped in it's flight. It just hovered there. I stopped breathing. Mouth fell open. Tears came to my eyes again and next I felt their coolness on my cheeks. I couldn't speak but I wanted to thank them mentally for being there for me. And right then and right out my bedroom window they flashed their lights at me. On and then off just once. I took that as a 'your welcome.' Then the lights got all blurry from my tears. I tried to blink them away but it didn't help. I started to cry more and loose control. I felt embarrassed in a way. All I could then do was just wave at them as I mentally told them, "Ill do better next time." It was then that their lights just flashed out.

I instantly missed them. I felt left behind. Felt that they got to have all the fun while I had to remain down here at school riding this fine line between 3D and 5D. But hey, thank 'All There Is' for meditation, my connection to our friends, and thank you Dr. Greer for your education and your video.

This is the video, Galactic loved-ones, that I used with my meditation:....CAREFUL, it works !

The New Pledge of Allegiance (by Jon Rob Hager)

The New Pledge of Allegiance
  by Jon Rob Hager

I pledge allegiance to the Earth and all of it's inhabitants.
With no borders, no differences, we all are one spirit.
The Earth, all it's animals and plants, I will love,
respect and treat as I would want to be treated.

I pledge world peace and to other worlds 
and their inhabitants.
With no borders, no differences, we all are one spirit.
I will love, respect and treat you as 
I would want to be treated.
And I promise to live by the laws of Creation.

The Four Laws of Creation

O  N  E 

You Exist

(the way that You exist can change, but You always exist in some way, shape, or form) 

T  W  O

The One is the All, and the All are the One

(state of being)

T  H  R  E  E 

What You put out is what You get back

(reflection and attraction)

F  O  U  R 

Change is the only constant, except the first three 
laws that never change

(experiences You have as a result of the actions You take)


The First Conspiracy

On this 'Conspiracy Day' (9/11) #ConspiracyDay as we remember and hold to our hearts the fallen loved-ones that unwillingly gave their lives so the cabal could further their agenda, ponder, if you will, 'The First Conspiracy' that took place.

It is said, "If you never lie you never have to worry about what you have said." This goes for conspiracies. If they never started, and we were an honest civilization, we wouldn't have the problems of today that stem from illogical thoughts.

And just so we're clear on the meaning of this word, 'conspiracy.' Because meanings have a tendency to be distorted in a world hell bent on covering their ass. During the President Bill Clinton scandal that led to his impeachment he had a definition problem with the word, 'is' or at least he made it a problem to support the errors he made in the oval office. 


1. collusion, sedition. 2. Conspiracy, plot, intrigue, cabal all refer to surreptitious or covert schemes to accomplish some end, most often an evil one. A conspiracy usually involves a group entering into a secret agreement to achieve some illicit or harmful objective: a vicious conspiracy to control prices. A plot is a carefully planned secret scheme, usually by a small number of persons, to secure sinister ends: a plot to seize control of a company. An intrigue usually involves duplicity and deceit aimed at achieving either personal advantage or criminal or treasonous objectives: the petty intrigues of civil servants. Cabal refers either to a plan by a small group of highly-placed persons to overthrow or control a government, or to the group of persons themselves: a cabal of powerful lawmakers.


I realize I'm preaching to the chorus here on this blog called 'ET's R Us' so it will be easier, I think, to speak freely without a look over my shoulder and stutter in hesitancy. But when the organization of religion is at bay, at hand, and in questioning, I'm not so sure. They do have a lot of money invested and their hold on society is still some what of a strangle hold. But I mean no disrespect here and really I'm not talking about religion. Organized religion was wonderful for showing us morels, the ten commandments and how to live together with each other. I am a Christian and it was a wonderful step for me while growing up. Whether, in time, it has gotten out of hand is not my call, nor is whatever religion of the many is the 'right one' is also not my call. Heaven's ta Betsy! What is my call and what I can tell you is that without religion I don't think I could have been, or could have found my spirituality. So if I were to be asked what my religion is I would say that I am more spiritual than religious. But even at this day and age I could still get the turned-up noses of  judgment from the followers who preach, "thou shall not judge." But not as many as I would have years before. The times are truly changing for the better. Jesus knew what he was talking about. More and more people are seeing themselves more spiritual than religious. Even Pope Francis' niece said in a recent interview that she considers herself to be spiritual, not religious, and she believes her uncle will renew the "outdated" Catholic Church.
In essence All conspiracy's have stemmed from one great lie that accrued a few thousand years ago. The first conspiracy, as I call it.

The information that I found comes from three books. 'The Pleiadian Mission' by Randolph Winters, 'Talmud of Jmmanuel' by Judas Ischariot and 'Celestial Teachings' by Dr. James Deardorff, a Christian historian. His book is a result of six years of study on 'The Talmud of Jmmanuel' to determine it's validity.

It seems from the info that I gathered, and I'm still gathering this 'beyond interesting' info, Jesus, or rather Jmmanuel, had the intention of teaching us 'spirituality' instead of teaching us 'Christianity.' He was not called 'Jesus Christ' until many years after his death by those who started this christian cult. And he did not die on the cross, he only laps into a coma. Then he was taken to the tomb and with help was revived so he could travel back to India where he had lived and where he learned spirituality since he was thirteen years of age. There he raised a large family and died of old age at 115 years old.

Here's where the conspiracy comes in. All because they wanted to make it a profitable religion so people would need them, instead of people doing it themselves spiritually. Judas Iscarioth was not the betrayer of Jmmanuel, as we've been told. He is only Jmmanuel's scribe, because very few people were able to write in those days, Jmmanual being one of them. One of Judas' scripts was stolen so that it could be used as evidence against Jmmanuel by a Pharisee's son by the name of Juda Iharioth. He took the script from the bag of Judas and sold it for 70 silvers to the scribes and Pharisees, who were pursuing Jmmanuel. This would enable them to accuse Jmmanuel of blasphemy. The father of this man Juda, who was the real traitor, wanted to hide his son's guilt and protect the family mane, so he announced to the people that the traitor was the scribe of Jmmanuel, named Judas. Because of his power and standing he was believed. It was really Juda who hung himself, not judas his friend who traveled on to India and continued to be his scribe after the crucifixion. What he wrote was called 'The Talmud of Jmmanuel.' And his son, Joseph, after his father died, took it back to the tomb to hide it there as his father instructed him.

But you ask, "why am I reading this here in 'ET's R Us?' Well because, it seems, that there is so much more to why they didn't want the people to know the real teaching of "Christ" and to, heaven forbid, understand that they didn't need a religious organization coming between them and their Creation. The kicker, or as we say today, 'the smoking gun'  is the truth to be known about the identity of Jmmanuel and who his father really was, and he may still be alive today.  We'll have to see, how ever, what the disclosure brings.

It was not until 1963 that the Pleiadians led a Greek Catholic priest, named Rashid, to the site where the scrolls were buried. The writings had been placed into resin and were kept in a crystal-like box given to Jmmanuel by his father, his true father, Gabriel, a Pleiadian, when he was young, just for this purpose. Rashid found them where they were hidden almost 2,000 years earlier by Jmmanuel's son, Joseph.

Oh, and before I let you go to 'enjoy' this anniversary of 9/11, hopefully the last conspiracy before disclosure, Jmmanual was born on February 3rd, by are calendar's today. During the later periods of Roman history pagans worshiped the sun 'solar monotheism' around December 25. The powers that be, the cabal, if you would, interfered and used it as the birth of their Christ, their "son" of God.

Please, fellow space traveler, do yourself a huge favor and read 'The Pleiadian Mission' by Randolph Winters. Have you ever picked up and read a book you wish would never end. Well me too, and this is the one. I finished it but I still go back and read some more, just like a text book. A text book in this class called, 'The Pleiadians, our Friends and Relatives.'


(the original Lord's Prayer)

My Spirit
My Spirit, you are omnipotent,
your name is holy.
May your kingdom be incarnate in me.
May your power reveal itself within me,
on Earth and in the heavens.
Give me today my daily bread, and
thus let me recognize my sins, and
I shall recognize the truth.
Do not lead me into temptation and confusion,
but deliver me from error.
For yours is the kingdom within me and
the power and knowledge forever.


Alien Games

It is with a great deal of embarrassment that I bring you this blog post, 'Alien Games.' Over the years, out of respect for them, I have not only stopped referring to them as Aliens but I have also felt embarrassed for my race in their treatment of these celestial beings, and our 'Alien Games' that we play.

The ET's are surely considering the source, I realize that, and anyway it is only our way of excepting them. Serous truth is better taken in games and jest at first before it settles in, before we fully wrap our head around it. True acceptance of off world races is quite a large step, a leap for man-kind to grasp. They have no doubt seen it before with other worlds and races that have made the transition. But somehow, somehow I feel that we here on Earth are the worst case scenario of the bunch. I feel that we have taken the longest to evolve because of these games that we play.

Games that we play with our self and games that we play with each other, physically and mentally, have been detrimental to our spiritual growth. Our stagnation is self-inflected, yes, but I must say, in retrospect, if it wasn't for the games that world governments, black governments, and religious businesses and their leaders has played on it's Earth citizens, we would all be an advanced galactic society by this time. Keeping the truth from us was not to save our asses from going crazy with fright, it was to save their asses from losing money and losing control over us. Free energy isn't good for business, any business.

But hey man, pssssssssss ... over here by the 'DO NOT ENTER' sign, they are the ones that are now an advanced galactic society. They travel the stars with ET's and enjoy brilliant technology at our expense. They enjoy healthiness and happiness beyond our wildest science fiction adventure that we could ever conjure up.  Where the hell do you think the trillions of OUR dollars went that Sec. of Defense Donald Rumsfeld mentioned on September 10th 2001? We've gotten so use to their games they play on us that we don't believe the truth when it's starring us in the face. Any truth is beyond our belief.

We look at UFO's on Facebook and YouTube and yell fake before it even ends, before we even analyze it, or look at it with any shred of a 'maybe' in us. This is just another game we play. Are we so uneasy with the truth that we will deny anything we see, deny anything we read. "Oh you can't believe anything you see on the internet," we'll reassure ourselves. Are we playing this game of denial because we don't want to know that ET's really do exist? Or are we playing this game because we really don't want to know that we've been played a fool and a slave all these years by the ones we've held so dear?  How will we be able to hold on to our sanity for the next election, and vote? How will we be able to keep a straight face at church?

'The Pleiadian Mission' by Randolph Winters (book review)

Due to the fact that this book was revised in 1998, things may have changed for the better. And with the recent disclosure videos from Dr. Steven Greer and David Wilcock, the Pleiades are in fact, finally, working by our side with us with our best interest, not the government, to change our world forever for the better.

This book is about the contact Billy Meier had with a Pleiadian that has lasted over several years and continues to do so. It is not a channel contact but an actual CE5 physical contact. Billy was also taken to their planet for a visit which results in an unprecedented account of his journey in the book. This is a wonderful history book of 'our' Earth and the many inhabitants it has endured through the millennium of years. A history that we can find nowhere else on this planet, thanks to Billy's contact. I only wish that there were photographs in the book, but there are a lot of them I found on Google that I put here.

excerpt from 'The Pleiadian Mission' by Randolph Winters
Landing on the White House Lawn
There is no plan to land on the White House lawn. The Pleadians have listened to the thoughts of most world leaders and believe that all Earthly governments are only interested in power and controm, and have little interest in anything else. An examination of the thoughts of our leaders shows them all to be power-crazy individuals who look at extraterrestrials as source of power to conquer the cosmos when, in fact they cannot even create peace on their own world.
A possible meerting was once discussed with certain officials of the american government, and the Pleiadians agreed to meer with a small group. As the Pleiadians listened to the thoughts of the officials who were planning the meeting, it was ciscovered that the officials were planning to kill them as the meeting sight so that they could obt the Beamship the Pleiadians came in. This sort of thinking has led the Pleiadians to having no  trust of our officials, thereby making andy sort of cimmerce with us almost impossible. It is estimated that it may be around 300 years before andy kind of social contact may be possible with us, due to the emormous gap in our spiritual and moral understanding,\. It simply isn't in their interest.
The Pleiadians are still here on Earth and occasionally visit Billy and others whom they are interested in, but we have not reached a time of public awareness and open contact as a society.

"Imagine Staging an Alien Invasion ....

.... and the audience didn't show-up!

My thoughts always go back to 1938 to Orson Wells radio skit - War Of the Worlds:

A fake alien invasion worked so well then, imagine, with today's ingenuity and Hollywood inspired computer graphics mixed with holograms and god knows what else we don't know about, what the show would produce! And given the dire-straits the cabal is in, this could be their 'last hora' before letting us live in peace, tranquility and able to finally evolve into our true 'manifest-destiny' of galactic humans. We've been controlled for so very long that most of us have lost track of not only who we really are and where we came from, but of our true spiritual capability and the power we harness within ourselves.  Thus the reason that state park services don't allow tourist to feed the animals. It is because the animals will forget how to live like they should, like the Creator intended, and forage for themselves.

Like the poster says: We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. And we are no different spiritually than the ET's we look to the sky's for. All of us, no matter how advanced the technology, the density of their being, or where the galaxy they call their home, we all have our paths to take and our incarnated lessons to learn. 

Think for a moment, if you will, how powerful that radio show was to those who didn't realize that it was just a show, a radio drama of H.G. Wells' classic, The War of the Worlds, and not real at all. Here in this photo Orson Welles tells reporters that no one connected with the broadcast had any idea it would cause such a panic (October 31, 1938) ...but it did cause a panic, a hell of a panic. My father remember's (six years old) his uncle Art calling his brother on the phone in a panic and out of breath he could hardly talk, saying, " my god what are we going to do, Mead they are attacking us!" My Grandfather wasn't listening and knew nothing about it. But after a while, and after Mead turned his radio on, a station break came on and told everybody that it was just a radio dramatization of the classic novel. 

The first two thirds of the one-hour broadcast were presented as a series of simulated news bulletins, which suggested an actual alien invasion by Martians was currently in progress. Compounding the issue was the fact that the Mercury Theatre on the Air was a sustaining show without commercial interruptions, adding to the program's realism. Much of the radio audience was listening to Edgar Bergen and only tuned in to "The War of the Worlds" during a musical interlude, thereby missing the introduction that proved the show was a drama. In the days following the adaptation, there was widespread outrage in the media. The program's news-bulletin format was described as cruelly deceptive by some newspapers (which were losing advertising revenue to radio) and public figures, leading to an outcry against the perpetrators of the broadcast and calls for regulation by the Federal Communications Commission. Despite these complaints—or perhaps in part because of them—the episode secured Welles's fame as a dramatist.

This is how gullible we were, and this is how gullible we (some) continue to be, and we are still molded by our media. All you have to do is look at some of the comments when an article about an alien invasion comes up on Facebook or any media. Or look at the comments on Spielberg's recreation of the classic on YouTube. I've often wondered, by the way, how a director can, after producing alien movies with such a nice positive out-come, 'ET' and 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind,' can then do one like this. Wonder who hi$ real major producer was for it? Funny, there are more scary alien movies and videos on YouTube than there are positive ones. We (some) are still in that mind-set.

As I say some because most, over time, grow out of the 'horror show' mentality when it comes to this subject. Their 'Spock' inspired logic's have taken over and produced many thoughts like: "all these millions of years of helping us, our cousins, progress and evolve, but "today" they are going to attack and eat us?" Or, "they are going to allow us to gather all this weaponry and readiness before they attack our ass!" ......NOT

These days 'they' don't need the radio, TV, movies or the internet to grab us senseless, they have the ingenuity of  holograms, lasers and explosives now. See how well we 'swallowed it' with the Twin Towers. We wanted to go to war in the worst way. Hell, they didn't even have to produce a plane at the pentagon for visual confirmation, and we bought it all!

I'll tell ya though, the cabal better hurry up with their 'really big show' (with an Ed Sullivan accent) more and more people are seeing the light and getting a hold of who they really are. And with the help of organizations that Dr. Steven Greer manifested, as well as the increase of actual CE5 contacts and the continued help of our beloved 'star friends' 'the word' is out.Their alien invasion staged play wont have that many in the audience for them. They will be laughed at and the reviews will really suck. Let me hear you say, "aaaawwwwwww, poor baby!"



World in 'our' World

Remember all of those science-fiction movies and books from Jules Verne, like "Journey to the Center of the Earth"? Apparently not everything is made up. There might be a lot of unknown stuff down there... and if there is water... could there be life? Maybe not as we know it but in a completely different way? Well the possibilities are there.