Cannabis Gateway to Truth

Shamans have said for thousands of years that the use of sacred plants frees the soul of corporeal confinement, facilitates access to alternative realities, and allows communications to the spiritual worlds.

Though they may have been referring mostly to the 'heavy' hallucinogens like mushrooms and cacti like DMT and LSD, Cannabis, being the weakest of the 'trippers,' may have been, like it is today, a soft pleasant step to these stronger psychedelics. And thus getting the person ready for a more powerful hallucination and a more visual experience in that world. So, in essence, yes cannabis is a gateway 'drug' in that it briefly and lightly introduces one to the other realms of thought and inner space. Then, after this understanding, and if the traveler so wishes, they can continue their journey.  

"When you smoke the herb, it reveals you to yourself." ~Bob Marley   

People who first try or smoke cannabis are often surprised to learn that the high and the experience are much less traumatic than the government had told them it would be. And whether they like it or not is entirely dependent on if they like themselves or not, as Marley said. And if they don't like 'the themselves' that they find there, it is up to them to either grow and change themselves to their liking, or, more easily, just to never touch that 'weed' again and stay the way they are happy with.

People also report that they feel paranoid when they ingest cannabis. This feeling is also reported from people in countries that have decriminalized the use of cannabis. Could it be that the reason for these feelings is that in fact the person has just slightly changed their realms or dimensions?  Could it be that truly there are entities there with them now, and they are watching, and were always watching and there helping us and guiding us?   

And could it be that this crop-circle, pictured above, is a message like all the other crop-circles that have been found?

As to why the plant Cannabis is still illegal:

There are two main reasons that this plant Cannabis is illegal:

First; Industrial/Economic and second a humanitarian aspect. According to the first if cannabis is legalized; human beings will become more efficient in their productions and a lot of industries will be dissolved due to weaker materials and inefficient processing methods becoming obsolete and being replaced by hemp.

Hemp's malleability, durability, strength, absorption, variety, and versatility renders it the best without a competitor, producing more than 25,000 eco/cost friendly products; that is an immense range from just one plant that grows within a month's time on most landscapes and in almost any weather. 

Cannabis can never be patented and therefore criminalizing it has been a corporate endeavor ever since its prohibition because corporations can not afford people becoming independent of them and their primitive harmful products.

As for the second, if marijuana is legalized and the vast majority starts consuming it, people would start having an increased spiritual consciousness that would lead to a change of heart and an altered mindset. When people are under the effects of marijuana the brain is revitalized, it turns them into pacifists which is bad for war. They think according to logic and reason and begin to question pivotal concepts like existence, culture, governance, law and economics which is bad for nationalistic ideals & religions - the two major elements that separate human beings from each other.

People become very creative with a heightened sense of novelty and that is bad for a uniformly subdued society with a herd mentality, people start to value money less; turning against consumerism and a materialistic society have proved with its subject's predatory mentality to be the backbone for sustaining a modern state of slavery and eventually they realize that the most absurd invention is governance leading the people into Anarchy.

*That is why Cannabis is the most feared and most spent on plant in law-enforcement History! This is a crime committed against the earth and its children by a trinity of beneficiaries whom have been relentlessly maintaining this absurd ban forming a cartel comprised of the government, banks, and drug dealers."

Message 29 Each Dimension is Available
Being in human form is only one aspect of who you are. As a physical being focused on... this third dimension, it seems to you as if that is all that is. It feels real, looks real; yet it is only one perspective of the multidimensional aspects of what a human/being actually is. Each dimension is available to you at all times. Each is resonating at a different frequency. As more and more beings become conscious, these other realities/dimensions will begin to appear.
Your sages and wise ones have all spoken of the ability to shift from.... one state of awareness to another. They have offered suggestions of prayer, meditation, fasting. Shamans and mystics have offered mind-altering herbs and ceremonies of dance and drums to bring a shift of consciousness.... All these suggestions and techniques are for the important purpose of shifting your awareness – to understand that the world you view is only one small perspective of the whole. Remember, you are a consciousness and an aspect of Divine Mind. You are multidimensional in nature and function. How the multidimensional aspect of yourself manifests depends on your belief systems, your expanded awareness, and your openness to all possibilities.

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Dear NaturalNews readers,
Every living American can be arrested right now for the possession and manufacture of a Schedule I drug (a felony crime).
What "drug" is that? It's called DMT, and your brain makes it when you sleep. It's also found in your lawn and in your pet cat.
Some people call DMT the "spirit molecule" and say it expands consciousness to a new level. Is this why government has tried to suppress it and criminalize it?


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