Alien Games

It is with a great deal of embarrassment that I bring you this blog post, 'Alien Games.' Over the years, out of respect for them, I have not only stopped referring to them as Aliens but I have also felt embarrassed for my race in their treatment of these celestial beings, and our 'Alien Games' that we play.

The ET's are surely considering the source, I realize that, and anyway it is only our way of excepting them. Serous truth is better taken in games and jest at first before it settles in, before we fully wrap our head around it. True acceptance of off world races is quite a large step, a leap for man-kind to grasp. They have no doubt seen it before with other worlds and races that have made the transition. But somehow, somehow I feel that we here on Earth are the worst case scenario of the bunch. I feel that we have taken the longest to evolve because of these games that we play.

Games that we play with our self and games that we play with each other, physically and mentally, have been detrimental to our spiritual growth. Our stagnation is self-inflected, yes, but I must say, in retrospect, if it wasn't for the games that world governments, black governments, and religious businesses and their leaders has played on it's Earth citizens, we would all be an advanced galactic society by this time. Keeping the truth from us was not to save our asses from going crazy with fright, it was to save their asses from losing money and losing control over us. Free energy isn't good for business, any business.

But hey man, pssssssssss ... over here by the 'DO NOT ENTER' sign, they are the ones that are now an advanced galactic society. They travel the stars with ET's and enjoy brilliant technology at our expense. They enjoy healthiness and happiness beyond our wildest science fiction adventure that we could ever conjure up.  Where the hell do you think the trillions of OUR dollars went that Sec. of Defense Donald Rumsfeld mentioned on September 10th 2001? We've gotten so use to their games they play on us that we don't believe the truth when it's starring us in the face. Any truth is beyond our belief.

We look at UFO's on Facebook and YouTube and yell fake before it even ends, before we even analyze it, or look at it with any shred of a 'maybe' in us. This is just another game we play. Are we so uneasy with the truth that we will deny anything we see, deny anything we read. "Oh you can't believe anything you see on the internet," we'll reassure ourselves. Are we playing this game of denial because we don't want to know that ET's really do exist? Or are we playing this game because we really don't want to know that we've been played a fool and a slave all these years by the ones we've held so dear?  How will we be able to hold on to our sanity for the next election, and vote? How will we be able to keep a straight face at church?

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