'The Pleiadian Mission' by Randolph Winters (book review)

Due to the fact that this book was revised in 1998, things may have changed for the better. And with the recent disclosure videos from Dr. Steven Greer and David Wilcock, the Pleiades are in fact, finally, working by our side with us with our best interest, not the government, to change our world forever for the better.

This book is about the contact Billy Meier had with a Pleiadian that has lasted over several years and continues to do so. It is not a channel contact but an actual CE5 physical contact. Billy was also taken to their planet for a visit which results in an unprecedented account of his journey in the book. This is a wonderful history book of 'our' Earth and the many inhabitants it has endured through the millennium of years. A history that we can find nowhere else on this planet, thanks to Billy's contact. I only wish that there were photographs in the book, but there are a lot of them I found on Google that I put here.

excerpt from 'The Pleiadian Mission' by Randolph Winters
Landing on the White House Lawn
There is no plan to land on the White House lawn. The Pleadians have listened to the thoughts of most world leaders and believe that all Earthly governments are only interested in power and controm, and have little interest in anything else. An examination of the thoughts of our leaders shows them all to be power-crazy individuals who look at extraterrestrials as source of power to conquer the cosmos when, in fact they cannot even create peace on their own world.
A possible meerting was once discussed with certain officials of the american government, and the Pleiadians agreed to meer with a small group. As the Pleiadians listened to the thoughts of the officials who were planning the meeting, it was ciscovered that the officials were planning to kill them as the meeting sight so that they could obt the Beamship the Pleiadians came in. This sort of thinking has led the Pleiadians to having no  trust of our officials, thereby making andy sort of cimmerce with us almost impossible. It is estimated that it may be around 300 years before andy kind of social contact may be possible with us, due to the emormous gap in our spiritual and moral understanding,\. It simply isn't in their interest.
The Pleiadians are still here on Earth and occasionally visit Billy and others whom they are interested in, but we have not reached a time of public awareness and open contact as a society.

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