Feline Humans (book review)

Like the book before it, Avatars of the Phonix Lights, Feline Humans is more of a connection for me rather than just another book about ET's and UFO's. Like the first part of the 'Galactic Family Series' this connection was as captivating, informing, (if you believe) and opens up the imagination which is the gateway to more possibilities and new thoughts and new definitions and before you know it you are where you never had thought you'd be.  And not being afraid as much as you thought you'd be.

And, according to Arvantis (who is the alien Arkoreuns) that is a better state to be in for contact to begin in it's many stages. And only if we truly decide we want it to happen. It is not and never has been the way Hollywood portrays this situation. He is an intergalactic explorer and scientist who communicates with us from the future through the channeler Shaun. These are feline humans that will meet us here on Earth, they say, very soon.

He goes on to say, and by the way according to him he does not look all that much like the cats we have here on Earth, or do they look like the aliens/people in the photograph here ^:

We live on a geen planet with rivers, animals, and trees. Our society is genetically related to yours, which is why we also bear some resemblance to you.

The content we share with you in this book can reacquaint you with the inner wisdom and love of your actual nature. Whis will allow you to let go of discordant assumptions and beliefs about life that have kept your society from realizing your magnificence as the creators of your reality.

With this book, you give us the honor and unprecedented opportunity to be a part of your history and to also co-create a third new reality in which your hearts and souls can resonate together in nurturing and wonderfully enriching ways.

 "Ahr in tor kai mor ren"-Arvantis
(translation) "There is much love in our hearts for all of you!"


Jefferson-  What does your planet look like?

Arvantis-   It is a very green planet.  A little bit of rivers here and there. Not as much ocean as you have on Earth. We have a similar atmosphere. Not quite as expansive as the one on your Earth.  We are able to enter the region you would call space much sooner, for our atmosphere doesn't rise as high as the one on your world does from the planet's surface. The oxygen is a little bit different and it is certainly what we would consider to be more toxin-free than yours, more sustaining. It isn't quite as dense as what it once was on Earth, but  due to its purity, in that sense, it is able to sustain us very well.

Jefferson-  What do you eat?

Arvantis-   We have a variety of foods. Some we grow, as you do on your world with agriculture. Others we find abundantly within nature, and there are things that you would probably classify as fruits and vegetables. There are forms of food that are like a deed that we enjoy immensely as well.

We don't consume other life forms on our planet that you on your world would consider poultry and beef. At times will have some forms of food available to us in the rivers that would be a little bit like a fish, but it has more of a component in whish it grows in the river. So it develops from the soil beneath the water's surface, more like a fruit or vegetable does, but it is more similar in flavoring as you would find fish in your world to be.

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