My First UFO Sightings ~<>*

"People only see what they are prepared to see."
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Greetings  ~  L O V E and L I G H T  fellow Galactic Humans (you know who you are)

I had to wait till I stopped crying before I messaged Jeff Becker on Facebook, I had to tell somebody that would understand. "They are so beautiful, man! Like a jewel in the sky.

I just started the book Paths to Contact. I got too sleepy to read anymore so I put it down, but before I went to bed I went out back for my usual 'star gazing' routine. At night my eyes always went to the sky but I never saw one before, always wished I would though. Fifty years of looking and tonight was the night. I couldn't stop crying. Getting choked up now writing about it. I didn't want to come back in for fear I'd miss more of their show time, but I had to tell Jeff Becker, the author, on FB. 

The Pleaidians call their ships 'beam ships' and that's exactly what it looked like. It didn't stay in the sky long, maybe three seconds. Too big, too close, and too slow to be a falling star. Like they went just slow enough so I would see them. I felt wonderful and thankful. I felt blessed that they finally let me see them. They are so beautiful man. The light from them is so very different from other 'manufactured lights I've seen. Like seeing a very special jewel glittering in the sky. Jeff told me that since I saw one now that I will see more. He mentioned others that have got emotional. ET's have that way about them.

This sighting 'sealed the envelope' for me, and it also took the plug from the back of my head. It was my epiphany, truly the first day of the rest of my life, and I didn't have to take the blue pill from Morpheus .... or was it the red one? I have fallen down my own rabbit hole. Luckily.

this was Jeff's reply:

Thanks for sharing that experience, JR. Keep looking up, and you will see a whole lot more. As one contact worker from Montreal told me when we met at the Paths to Contact meeting last year, "The ETs really know how to push our emotional buttons." I copied this info from the top post on the CE-5 FB page. I don't know how accurate it is but this might help you find some kindred spirits in your "neck of the woods. "

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~<>* 10/10/2015

 L O V E and L I G H T fellow Galactic Humans (you know who you are) 

I just had the most super wonderful night last night, and I owe it to Dr. Steven Greer​ ....and of course to our 'off world' cousins. 

As you've heard a few weeks ago, after 50yrs of 'sky eyes,' I had my first contact. The next night I had two more, but they, like beam ships, were nothing like the one I was blessed with last night. Though the first one brought tears to my eyes, filled me with a state of joy I never felt before in my life, and as I said, took the plug out from the back of my head, last night's was a 'step' closer. I had to tell myself to start breathing again because this sighting took my breath away. And out from my bedroom window.

An actual visual ship with blinking lights and all. For awhile it looked like an aircraft coming toward me and I was ready to turn away and go to bed, but something told me to continue to watch, so I did.  It kept coming at me and when it got to about the size of my thumb nail at arms length it did what no other aircraft could do, or has done, whenever I had watched them. It stopped in it's flight. It just hovered there. I stopped breathing. Mouth fell open. Tears came to my eyes again and next I felt their coolness on my cheeks. I couldn't speak but I wanted to thank them mentally for being there for me. And right then and right out my bedroom window they flashed their lights at me. On and then off just once. I took that as a 'your welcome.' Then the lights got all blurry from my tears. I tried to blink them away but it didn't help. I started to cry more and loose control. I felt embarrassed in a way. All I could then do was just wave at them as I mentally told them, "Ill do better next time." It was then that their lights just flashed out.

I instantly missed them. I felt left behind. Felt that they got to have all the fun while I had to remain down here at school riding this fine line between 3D and 5D. But hey, thank 'All There Is' for meditation, my connection to our friends, and thank you Dr. Greer for your education and your video.

This is the video, Galactic loved-ones, that I used with my meditation:....CAREFUL, it works !

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