USO Sightings (Unidentified Submerged Object)

Yes, USO Sightings, ya heard that right. Wouldn't you know it, just when our human mind was grasping the UFO and the star brothers who fly them and how many neighbors we have out there in space; 'they' show us what else they are capable of. It's almost as if they are introducing themselves to us very slowly over a long period of time. Like they want to help us to understand them so we can understand what we ourselves are capable of. Not to make fun of ourselves but the old saying is applying to us, and we were referring to the ape, "monkey see, monkey do."

Not only have a choice few humans seen UFOs, a very choice few have seen an unidentified submerged object, as the following videos will show you. But I think more people have seen USOs than have seen UFOs. They just aren't saying anything about it.  There's another saying out there that puts this idea into perspective, "people are more scared of their government than they are the Space Aliens." And why wouldn't they be, government has always been the one to hurt us and to lie, and to hold vital information back from us.

So, the most people who have seen USOs would logically be the people who are at sea on a daily, or weekly, or yearly basis. People that are out there on a ship working or they are out there because they are enlisted in a branch of service like the Navy. Recently, on my daily walks with my ghost dog, I met a retired Navy man. He has a dog and I always stop and pet the dog and strike up a conversation with him.  We'll call him Dan, diver Dan, because he was a diver.

My favorite subject didn't take long to peek it's large head with big eyes out from behind the kelp. I was surprised how fast he came out with the incidents he's experienced in his life on board ship. "There's some strange things out there young man," he started off. He told me that one late evening / early morning, he and the other diver was called from their bunk by the Captain to report on deck. What he found up on deck, he said, took a while for it to 'sink-in' for him. He thought he was still dreaming, and it was sure a wild dream for him, probably his wildest dream ever and it no doubt turned into a wild hallucination for him.

He said when he got to the deck it seemed like it was in the late afternoon instead late evening early morning. He said the Captain took him and the other diver to the side of the ship and showed them. The whole ocean under their ship, he told me, was lit up as far as their eyes could see. The captain took them to the other side of the ship to show them the same thing. Their was no difference off the bow or the stern of the ship, the whole ocean was entirely lit-up underneath them.

"I don't have the heart to order you guys to dive tonight and investigate this down there," he said the captain told them. "This isn't part of our mission, but I sure as hell would love to know whats going on." Dan told me that him and the other diver looked at each other with the look that says, "I don't want to go down there!" Dan told me that they were both trained to disarm and destroy underwater bombs and have done hundreds of them, but this mission filled them with fear and hesitation.

Dan told me that, "we were scared shitless and it was the longest they've ever taken to suite up." But when they got back on deck with their gear, it wasn't as bright as it was when they were first there. When they got to the Captain he was pointing a certain way and told them that the light shot Northeast so fast that it seemed to just disappear. Dan told me that they could see and feel the waves the object left behind as it moved at a very high rate of speed. "Imagine," he looked at me seriously, "something so big and powerful enough to make waves that caused a Navy Battleship to rock in the ocean!"

I would love to make a video interview with Dan. He has told me there's more of these strange things that he saw and witnessed during his time in the Navy. He's not really wild about giving a video interview, as you can imagine, but I'll keep trying. It is a good time for disclosure.

 Be Humble ... for you are made of Earth. 
Be Noble ... for you are made of Stars.
-Serbian Proverb

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