How many Human ET's are there ? ~()

Aside from not calling them Aliens anymore, I will not entertain myself, or my writings, with any of the 'haunted house' mentality, for as long as I'm incarnated here on Earth. It is not conducive for the growth of my spirit.

Ishuwa of the Yahyel, from the book 'Avatars Of The Phoenix Lights, where I first heard this terminology 'haunted house' for a description of how Earthlings treat themselves. And how 'we' look to the sky with this unhealthy attitude of, "scary little creatures."


We find Earth humans to be somewhat like a fathering-mothering component for us. For as we mentioned, there is the genetic lineage connection. In a sense, many of us are like your children, biologically, genetically, not one-hundred percent for we do have some genetic make up from other, what you would consider, extraterrestrial life forms.

We also consider Earth humans to have a vast and powerful imagination that allows them to 'turn out the light," so to speak, and to play around in a 'haunted house' of their own creation, and to bounce off of "scary little creatures" in what for some is a 'hall of horrors." We appreciate, and understand, and realize these ideas are simply experiences that many of you chose to create on your world to see how 'dark' you can be, to see how far you can go away from your true nature, simply in terms of how you experience yourself. Of course you never are actually 'dark,' never actually disconnected from your actual expansive knowledge and understanding. We simply find great joy in realizing how "that which is" can explore and create itself in ways that are so distant and so removed from the "light of day," and still have the determination, and the motivation, and the endurance to propel yourselves to keep moving from one life to the next, from one generation to the next, and play over and over again with this very deep and detached darkness that Earth humans have been involved with for so very long. And we do not refer to darkness in any sense as being less than or non-holy, simply darkness in the sense of humans not being aware of their true, expansive, beautiful, joyous nature.
The link above ^ was found on Google, although it seems like a vast and thorough list, it leaned too much towards this 'haunted house' and 'scary little creatures' for my own good. And also, and reason it is like this, it mainly deals with fellow ET's that are still in the Third Density like us. I wanted to break away from that and move onward, upward, outward, underneath, sideways or whatever. There seems to be more ET humans in the Forth Density, the fifth, the sixth, and so on. These cousins of ours are more spiritual and much less physical and materialistic, as how things are here in the Third Density Earth.

According to Ishuwa of the Yahyels, there are over 400 races of humans, that they know of, that are in or rather close to our solar system, and most are Forth Density or more.

This list is compiled entirely from the book, 'Extraterrestrial Life - Galactic Humans (on the plurality of inhabited Worlds) by Jefferson Viscardi & Rob Gauthier. And please bare in mind this book is only part one. There are more ET Humans to come to light, I imagine. But there's no telling, space is the limit, as to exactly 'How many Human ET's are there?' ~()

ET Galactic Humans (an ongoing list)

Manilah Humans - Planet Hadamanee - lifespan 500 years - height 5.5 feet - Fourth Density

Plono Humans - Planet Plono - lifespan 1000 years - height 4 feet - Fourth Density

Zanetly Humans - Planet Zanetly - lifespan 2600 years - height 5.5 feet - from Fourth moving to Fifth Density

Soldrantee Humans - Planet Soldrantee - lifespan 1000 years - height 5.5 feet - Fourth Density

Tranka Humans - Planet (unpronounceable) - lifespan 700 years - height 6 feet - Fourth Density

Sauloyd Humans - Planet Sauloyd - life span 1250 years - height 7.6 feet - Fourth Density

Drohn-ondahg Humans - Planet Drohn-ondahg - lifespan 1100 years - height 7 feet - Fourth Density

Kalameelo Humans - Planet FramAnehl - lifespan 1500 years - height 2.5 feet - Fourth Density

Sunaje Jepilso Humans - Planet KissTorNaoh - lifespan 220 years - height 7.1 feet - Third Density

Solepions Humans - Planet SolePions - lifespan 3000 years - height 9.1 feet - Fourth Density

Tihnas-Tolah Humans - Planet Lahd-ieNacee - lifespan 600 years - height 3.2 feet - Fourth Density

Sowkwanty Humans - Planet Kwiltar - lifespan 15000 years - height 7.9 feet - Fifth Density

To help our Third Density rational:


Jefferson: What is the main difference between Fifth Density and the Fourth?

ET Human 'Dwantelgo': There are quite a few differences. But the main differences are on harmonic levels, higher frequency of material that is made. But also evolution that is beyond only the want and need, to experience love in a full cycle. As we have done this already with our race, we moved to another cycle. We begin incorporating all of the love that we have used and the material, technology that we received in the previous density and we build upon this, expanded into different realms and different areas of our galaxy, quite largely, Within the Galaxy we have traveled throughout most of it.

Jefferson: So the idea then is that you are, for those on the fourth density, less physical, but for those on your density (Fifth Density) you are as physical.

Dwantelgo: Correct. We are as physical as you are within yours and the fourth are within theirs. But the idea of the ones below our densities, then this would be seen to be very non-physical or seni-physical.

Jefferson: Right. And for you in the fifth density, when you look at us we are then just as physical but are of a different vibrating frequency.

Dwantelgo: Yes. Your matter is much more compacted.

Jefferson: Denser?!

Dwantelgo: Correct.

What to expect in the Fourth Density and onward

Have you ever noticed all the aggression here on Third density Earth? So much drama! You can't even drive down the street without somebody sometime disagree with the way you drive. Too slow, too fast, not using the turn signal properly, old car or jealous of your new car - there's a person that will let you know how they feel you are wrong and will either beep the horn at you, or worse, wait till the next stop sign or red light and just get out and kill you. (Google 'road rage')

Hell, pun intended, even most of the animals are aggressive here. If you have a bird feeder you know what I mean. All the food that they have, to feed thousands of birds, and there will be many birds that will fight the other birds over it or keep them from it. Remind you of humans? All the good wholesome organic food we are capable of producing here on Earth to render world hunger nonexistent, and there are people that will keep others from it or force them to eat a food that is synthetic or compromised by 'big business' or 'big government' instead.

You can't even enjoy your religion, whatever it is, or isn't, or whatever sacrament you use, without being chastised for it in some way or other. In some parts of the World you will lose your life, quite brutally, if you haven't atoned to the 'way' deemed by the 'ones' who rule. There have been people fighting people over religion and land for as long as the human has been on this Earth. People will actually strap bombs around their waist and kill innocent people, in the name of their loving, caring God. And there are religions, like all governments, that will tell you that you have to go through a third party to speak to or understand your God, or to live properly.

All this is what we have to learn on Third density Earth, and all this, and many wonderful things, will change and be corrected in the Fourth Density Earth. Here are some examples.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ()*

Random Excerpts: .....because all Fourth Density ET races are very similar.

Jefferson: What is your job?

ET: My job personally is to deliver things that people need. If someone from the other town on the other side of our planet needs something, my job would be to take the transport and take as mush of this as they need.

Jefferson: Do you get paid for your job?

ET: No. We do our jobs because we wish to help those who do not wish to do that, as they help us, as all of us help each other.

Jefferson: How is education on your planet?

ET: For education each one is taught from the elder in their family. (telepathically) And once they are done learning all the things that they wish to know then they will go to the rest of the community to learn a very specific thing. They join the groups in a workforce environment and once they are done working they find if they enjoyed it enough to stay. If they don't they move on to the next group of work force and join it, or move on to the next.

Jefferson: Do you have governments?

ET: We have what you say to be representatives of our different areas. We have major cities that are around the whole planet. Each town has a representative of the ideas and enjoyment of the other, and get together. They help to give us ideas that better ourselves as a complete race. But there is no ruling factor at all. It is of ideas about how we can do things in a better way to improve ourselves through our whole lives, through our existence that are over and over as a race completely. Not only for our lives, but for the lives of the next generation and the ones after that. Just to improve our race.

Jefferson: You don't have religion?

ET: No religion as your idea of religion is. We have an idea of values, an idea of what we believe to be right. And we also have a belief for other people to do as they wish and if you call morals a religion .... then I suppose,

Jefferson: How do you see God?

ET: We have an energy that surrounds us. For our planets, this could be considered God from how you see it. But for our race, every planet has it's own energy. And each energy is very special. But there is one energy that makes all of the energies and this energy is similar from the idea of God, a Creator of a sorts.

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