Excerpt from 'Blue Blood True Blood' by: Stewart a Swerdlow

When I worked at Montauk, I encountered an occasional alien species known as a "Reptilian." 

They seemed to pop in and out of physical reality. The Reptilians primarily use the lower astral realms as their reference point, or point of entry, into physical reality. This is the origin of the legends of astral demons. 

My Montauk controllers explained that these beings were brought to the Draco star system eons ago by another group unknown to anyone. Further, they explained, no one knew anything of their true origins. 

When I was about sixteen years old, I discovered the truth about the Reptilians. I was living on central Long Island, and had been in the Montauk project for about two years. My bedroom was on the second floor of my parent's home. My sister's room was down the hallway. From her bed, and through her open doorway, she could see my bedroom door. 

One night, I "awoke" in my bed to see a strange creature standing by the side of my bed. About six feet tall, it had a whitish pallor to it. I could see right inside of its body. I saw veins and arteries, and what looked like internal organs all pulsating inside. It did not have any external gender definitions, but I sensed that it was predominantly male. The head was featureless except for the brain that I saw inside of its skull area. Communication with me was entirely telepathic. 

Mentally, it told me that it came from the far future where humans no longer existed, and that its species was not from this reality. Continuing, it said that its species had traveled back into the distant past to create a race of beings, which I knew as the Reptilians, to antagonize and test humans. It also told me that they were assisted by the Sirians of Sirius A in the creation of the Reptilians and their placement in the Draco star system.

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