Stargates and Galactic Gates (by Soluntra King)

Stargates and Galactic Gates

By Soluntra King

There are two types of Stargates; the ones in the Heavens, and the ones in the Earth as well as Galactic Gates. 


You came through a particular stargate when you came down into the physical plane and birthed into a human body. The stargate you chose to come through holds the codings that resonate with you and your gifts that you have to share on Earth. The Stargate you came through is an expression of the gift you are, and the loving service you share. 

You can go on a meditation into your heart and take yourself into the Stargate you came from and get a sense of how it felt. Then come back through it aware of the light codes you brought with you and your gifts.

When you were physically birthed there would have been a vortex nearby the physical location on Earth that you were actually birthed at. As you were physically birthed out into the world the vortex would have brought into the physical the energies you came with in; your higher energy bodies and light body, through the Stargate and Earth vortex, merged with you as you were birthed out into the world.  
You can be open to this in meditation and then aware of your higher aspects merging with you the little baby birthed, aware of your first breath in being a full breathe. 

(If not love and accept taking in only a small breathe until it changes and you take in a full breath of life as your first breath.) 

Then aware of your physical body and higher self bodies merged with you as you start to open your eyes, move, talk, walk and grow until you are where you are right now. All merged one with your higher self and light body right here right now.


The openings that happen in the heavens when humanities consciousness is able to be open to receive the light codes from either one star, a constellation, or an even bigger doorway between different Star Systems and even planets. The starlight is anchored into the physical through those who are aware and it’s part of their mission. If so one gets placed at appropriate vortexes, sacred sites, grid points or dimensional doorways around the Earth to anchor this energy. The star light then goes into the grids and radiates out for those who are ready to open to those higher frequencies vibrations of love and awaken their consciousness more fully.

This type of Stargate is a doorway that opens in the Solar System, Galaxy or beyond that brings in a higher frequency to the earth plane at a specific time to assist in the raising of consciousness for humanity. The timing is when humanity is ready to move through the doorway into a higher frequency of their divinity. Stargates are opened when their particular energies are relevant for another shift in consciousness. 

For those who are conscious of the Stargate and work with it, it is been anchored and grounded for all humanity and into the earth plane by your intent and connection to its opening. This allows the energy to be here literally for all humanity in the collective consciousness as well as in the body and earth. By being conscious the energies are opened up for all who choose to receive the gifts of the particular stargate doorway and its frequencies, but it also holds the doorway open for all beings and means that a shift in consciousness has actually occurred for all beings regardless of how long it takes to completely anchor in each individual. It means as a collective we are ready to receive this energy that the Councils of Light and Stellar, Golden, Light Beings of your divine aspects of self have now assisted you to access into the denser aspect of you. It means you are moving beyond the illusion of density and into the stellar realms of your true self, the holograms of your love are can fully illuminate on the earth plane, heaven and earth are One.

Please see COSMIC EVENTS previous years for Stargate openings since November 2001 that have assisted us to be the STAR THAT WE ARE as we awaken and remember our divine essence through all worlds and dimensions.

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