Doorway in the Desert

Door in the Nevada Desert


As they drove along they saw up ahead an old pickup truck that had pulled off along side the dirt road. As they approached they could make out an extremely tall thin man leaning against the driver’s side door. His dress was casual and he sported a pair of dark sunglasses. They pulled up behind the truck and the tall man walked up to the driver’s window, bent down and asked them what they were doing out there.

“We’re just driving around”, said the driver and they all gestured in the affirmative.

“Ya need to turn around,” he told them. “You’ve driven on to private property.”

“Who are you?”
they said, pushing back with a little attitude, not willing to immediately comply.

“I’m the law out here,” he said, but he wore no uniform, nor did he flash a badge. The tall man offered no sign of authority. John’s friends were unimpressed.

The tall man straightened, paused, then slowly walked around the vehicle and lowered his head into the passengers’ window where John sat. John’s window was down. When he was face to face with John he raised his sunglasses and look directly into his eyes. What John saw in the tall man’s eyes sent a shock throughout his entire body. Looking back at him were not the eyes of a man. The tall man’s eyes were more feline than human and he addressed John by his full name. “John Blank”, he said. “Consider this your warning. Do we have an understanding?”

John said, “Yes.” And with that they drove away.

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