NASA Employees

Frankly, there was a time, looking back, that I was comfortable in my humanoid comfort zone thinking that all this UFO talk is a bunch of 'bull squeeze' and they don't really exist. I didn't spend so much time on YouTube looking at the stuff, and the ones I did see were definitely and undoubtedly hoaxes from somebody's editing software that was abducted by their imagination. No doubt these people surly wish they did have a video that would knock the sox off of people and the authoritarians in our life. Me too.

Then my buddy sent me the following video of people that worked for NASA. They came forward by their own free will and talked freely at the United Press Club. I found it astounding, and I still can't find my sox. Were not talking about some guy that said they worked at Area 51 and helped revamp UFOs. Were not talking about some person who has a small object under their skin that they say was put their so aliens can tract them. No, were not talking about somebody that knew somebody forty years ago in Roswell NM that saw a large jar of convoluted flesh and said these are aliens from the crash. We're not talking about some autopsy that looks like is was done in a Hollywood back-lot paid for and assisted by Spielberg, Lucas or the like. No, these people worked for an organization that knows everything and sees everything space. NASA
( National Aeronautics and Space Administration)


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